Unsolved History – OK Cold Case Art Project

Photo’s of the opening: Unsolved History: Forensic Science, Cold Cases, and Art Therapy exhibit opens March 30, 2 p.m.–4 p.m. Event Navigation The Oklahoma History Center is proud to announce that it will host a premiere exhibition entitled, Unsolved History: Forensic Science, Cold Cases, and Art Therapy. This exhibit is comprised of 11 artistic creations by Oklahoma-based artists […]

What Are the Stages of Grief?

Your feelings may happen in phases as you come to terms with your loss. You can’t control the process, but it’s helpful to know the reasons behind your feelings. Doctors have identified five common stages of grief:

Oklahoma Crime Stastics

The OSBI collects monthly data from 318 local law enforcement agencies and compiles the information into the annual Uniform Crime Report. In accordance with the national UCR program, the state’s annual report looks at the occurrence of seven “index crimes,” which include the violent crimes of murder, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault, and the nonviolent […]